I Was Constantly Being Bashed Around By My Stepfather

Anthony is my name and i am 23 years old, living in Australia. I wanted to share this testimony to say how Jesus Christ can really change lives.

I grew up in a family who were not Christians, i was constantly being bashed around by my stepfather from the age of 2 years to 10 years old. I was also sexually abused for 3 years by my next door neighbour at the age of 6. I was always being picked on and bashed at school and even high school. I hated life, i had enough. I tried my first suicide attempt at the age of 10 years old and nearly succeeded, put into intensive care from taking an overdose of pills. I was in and out of different high schools and never fitted in, even with people i didn’t fit in. When i was in primary school i started having homosexual thoughts about other men and me and another boy at school started doing homosexual acts. It was not until i got older that i was to do the worst of it. I constantly had a lot of problems growing up tried many times to commit suicide and was put in and out of adolescent psychiatric hospitals.

I turned to drugs and alcohol and was made ward of the state at 13 years old. My family did not really love me or even try to help me through all my rough patches. As i was growing up i was constantly fantasising about men and would often go places and do a lot of homosexual acts. My life was going into the wrong places. I felt i was under satan’s command, actually i was!!! I was always depressed and would often try to kill myself and would often cut my arms and wrists to let the pain out i was always feeling inside. I hated myself, i hated the world and my family. I had a strong feeling there had to be more to life a higher power. I met my fiancée and now have been together for 7 years and have 2 beautiful girls.

I become a Christian 2 years ago. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit that now lives within me and boy did it hit me. The Holy Spirit was so powerful that it knock me to the ground from where i was standing and started to speak a different language i have never spoken before, i was speaking in tongues. That was during a alpha weekend, after i finished my alpha course. I felt so much loved and peace, all of my sins were forgiven and i felt the pain disappear. A big burden was lifted off my shoulders.

I am now so glad that Jesus had his hand on my life since the day i was born, because if i was to succeed in one of my suicide attempts, i would have gone to hell for sure, because i was not saved or born again and never repented of my sins. Jesus has now showed my Reverend a vision of me preaching in a church later on in life and that i will be a priest. Praise the Lord for all his love and Glory.

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