Praise worship is such a wonderful thing. This morning as I walked my little dog my headphones in and James Fortune & FIYA booming in my ears. I could not help the dance in my steps and the joy on my face. I ignored the surprised/strange looks people gave me as I lifted my hands and praised and in my head said “I beg leave me Oh jaré you do not know the God I am praising” LOL

It’s easy in the midst of all the things we pray for, worry about and ask for to actually we have already been given the one thing, the only thing that matters….Eternal Life at the side and in the presence of the King of Kings….

One day, one terrible yet wonderful day, the pure and totally innocent Son of God, humbled himself, allowed Himself to be whipped till His skin was torn, ripped and shredded in countless places and his blood flowed like a river….He carried a cross on a back that must have been pain in ways I cannot imagine…He allowed nails to be driven into his palms and His feet, He allowed them to drive thorns into His divine head, to spit at Him, to slap Him, to ridicule Him, to raise Him on a cross and deride Him and He the innocent pure light of God descended into Hell, giving death temporary power of Him so that He could set us all free from the fear of death.

He did all this for you and for me. It was a gift we didn’t ask for because we didn’t know anything so great could be available, it was a gift we could never deserve because nothing could match it in price….it is a gift for me, for my children’s children…a gift that keeps giving each and every day!!!! Jesus gave all, willingly He gave it all and if He never did another thing for me in all my days, He has already done too much!!!! He didn’t have to do it and He knows I didn’t deserve it and still don’t!!! I will never be worthy of such sacrifice but He made me worthy!!!

So today I just want to say Thank You Lord with all I am and yes Lord…I will never forget what you did for me on the cross of Calvary.

You gave me all I ever will need, all I could ever want in the life and the next and I am forever grateful.

What do you want to say to Him who gave His all for you today…Come on my brothers and sisters, Join me. Lets flood this place with Praise for Him today and release His Love over all of us ….How much do you love Him?