Immersed in the Word By Kenneth Copeland

I’ll never forget when that transformation began in me. I had just begun to learn what the Word of God and faith can do. I was so hungry for it and so desperate to change my life that I completely immersed myself in it.

I kept teaching and preaching tapes going all the time. I’d get up in the morning and put on a tape while I was shaving. I’d carry the recorder to the table and listen while I ate breakfast. Then I’d haul it out to the car (that was back in the days of the big reel-to-reel recorders so “haul” is a fairly accurate term) and listen to it while I drove to school. When I got back home at night, I listened to the Word again until I fell asleep. I was 30 years old at that time and I’d pretty much thought the same way all my life. A way that had maneuvered me into more messes than I could find any natural way out.

But after just a few days of constantly feeding on the Word, I began to notice a change. My mind started working differently. I found myself comparing everything I heard, whether it came out of my mouth or someone else’s, with the Word of God. When I’d hear something that was out of line with the Word, it would be glaringly apparent to me. Somebody would ask me how I was feeling. Instead of saying those old things I used to say…”Well, you know this old football injury has really been acting up lately. It’s giving me this shooting pain right up my leg”…I would just explode with the Word of God. I’d say, “What difference does it make how I feel? I am not moved by what I feel. I am not moved by what I see. I am moved by what I believe and I believe the Word of God!” I just jumped on people like a chicken on a bug. (I didn’t know any better back then. Thank God, He’s mellowed me some over the years.)

What was happening? The anointing, the influence of God and His Word, was on my mind. It was teaching me things.

The Bible says if you’ll meditate on the Word day and night, it will talk to you when you wake up in the morning and visit with you all day long. That’s exactly what it began to do with me all those years ago. I’d make choices with ease that other people struggled over. The Word made it clear for me which route I should take. I didn’t have to agonize or debate over what I should do, the Word working in me caused me to make the right choice.

– A Matter of Choice