IMPACT PILLS by Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye Jnr!

Be Thankful!

A heart of gratitude is the key to higher altitudes!

Until you are grateful for where grace brought you from, you are not ready for where grace is taking you to.

A grateful heart will always access grace for a graceful living.

Before you begin to thank, think. Look back and recognize where He brought you from, and through, to your present.

And you will be able to appreciate, that your present is a present from His presence.

It is very easy to have your numerous expectations becloud your great experiences, hence not see the need to say thank you.

Don’t make that grievous error.

Ingratitude can corrupt what you have and deprive you of what you should have.

Lord thank you!!!!

Great Grace!!!


Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye Jnr