Impartation With Bishop Tackie-Yarboi (Day 2 of the Shepherds Summit 2018)


We are in a dispensation were internal bleeding is killing many in the church. And it is very difficult since no one can see it to help you out.

The problem with the church is that we are too theological and not practical. I hear the Lord saying; that this is the unveiling of the apostolic. The weapons of our welfare are not carnal. Receive the anointing, that would break yokes, set the captive free.

The prophetic is the mandate t hat would bring the apostolic to light. Prophesy is to build the church and reveal Jesus.

  • When the original is weak, the counterfeit takes over.
  • It is time to take back your right.
  • May God open your spiritual eyes.
  • So that there would be boldness in doing the work of God. We are about to see the true power of God in Jesus’ name… Amen!