In God’s Eyes

Hard times can shatter our self-image. But how does God see us? This does wonders for our security and image.

In God’s Eyes

I’m the daughter of the King;
I wear His clothes and ring,
a symbol of His Spirit given
to make me beautiful within.
Ps.45:13-14, Luke 15:21-22

He promises the hope of Heaven,
a place prepared, reserved for me
to share in the wedding feast.
What glory that will be!
John 14:2-3, 1Pet.1:4, Rev.19:7-9, Eph.1:18

He calls me by my name,
assures me I am His,
that He’ll never leave me nor forsake
however hard the path I take.
Is.43:1-2, Ps.9:10, Heb.13:5-6

He’s my Shepherd; I’m His sheep;
faithfully He leads and keeps.
I’m held in the hollow of His hand.
Complete in Him, I take my stand.
Ps.23, John 10:14, 27-28,Is.49:16,Col.2:9-10

No one can condemn me,
accuse me to my Father,
for Jesus is my Saviour;
also He’s my Defender.
Rom.8:1, 33-34

If I do not understand
just how special that I am,
it’s because I’ve blocked my ears,
doubt or won’t believe,
fooled by the lies and glitter
of treacherous, false lovers;
thus an adulteress, idolater,
scorning my soul’s true Lover.
Heb.2:1, 3:12-15, Jer.3:1,8,14

But still when I am faithless,
He remains so very faithful
and tenderly and jealously,
persistently seeks and woos me
into His warm embrace,
back from the desert place.
2Tim.2:13, Hos.11:4, 2:14, Deut.32:10

From the books “Comfort When Life Hurts” and  “Loved“

                                                                     The Continuation.