In God’s Eyes

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Hard times can shatter our self-image. But how does God see us? This does wonders for our security and image.

In God’s Eyes

How can I feel worthless,
unclean and useless,
fearful and afraid
when that’s not how I’m made?
Rom.8:15, Is.44:2,21

God fearfully and wonderfully
made me in His image.
He formed and fashioned every part
including mind and soul and heart.
Gen.1:26-27, Ps.33:15, 119:73, 139:13-16

He tells me in His Word
I am clean, forgiven, righteous;
righteous with God’s righteousness,
for in His Son I have acceptance.
Eph.1:6, Col.1:14, Rom.3:21-24, 2Cor.5:21

I am precious in His sight,
chosen as His Bride.
He loves me and I stand
in the centre of His plan.
Eph.5:30-32, Is.43:4, 54:5,10, 62:5, Rom.8:28

He is a faultless, faithful Husband;
to my soul the one, true Lover.
Intimately He knows me;
to Him I’m truly lovely.
Hos.2:16,19-20, Ps.89:33-34, Rom.8:35,38-39, 1John 4:16

His delight is ever in me;
my good He always seeks.
I’m the apple of His eye;
as well, I am His child.
Is.62:4-5, Zeph.3:17, Jer.32:40-41, Rom.8:28,
Deut.32:10, Ps.17:8, Jn.1:12

He is my loving Father,
but also is my Brother.
He speaks to me as His Friend;
not one promise will be broken.
Rom.8:16, Matt.6:8, 5:18, Heb.2:11, Jn.15:15, Is.40:8

From the books “Comfort When Life Hurts” and “Loved“

                                                                        To Be Continued………….!