Interesting facts i bet you never knew about the words we speak

A little research and reading revealed to me the plight of some people who have suffered the wrath of God by defying his Greatness. Remember the big luxurious boat of 1922 called the TITANIC?

Now right before that big boat took off a man boarding asked a crew member “How safe is your boat”? The crew member replied saying “Even GOD cannot sink this boat”. On their voyage, the boat had a fatal accident and sank, leaving just a handful of survivors.

Likewise another popular story of a teenage girl whose friends came to pick her out. Her mother realized how drunk her friends were as at the time they were leaving the house. She escorted her daughter to their
car and said “God be with you my daughter”, which her daughter replied in a rather joking manner “only if God travels in the boot, because in here, the car is already full.

After about an hour, it hit the news that a bunch of youth had had a fatal accident in which everybody in the car had died and the car was destroyed beyond repair except for the boot which stayed intact with a crate of eggs that lied within unharmed. Miraculous right?

Now my dear one, God is good, He is merciful, the King of peace, everlasting Father, the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. When he blesses no one curses and when he curses no one blesses.

He is the one and only true God Who comes before everything. This is not the GOD you want to joke with, this is not the GOD you want to defy and this is not a GOD you want to go against. Please! Let us be very mindful about what we say about the living GOD.

Not even a “defying joke” is spared. I guess these stories you have heard today should enlighten you on how heavy your lips should be when speaking to the Lord GOD. And there is many more stories beloved. John Lennon who got shot 6 times weeks after making a foul comment about
how he thought Christianity would die eventually and how popular he thought he was than the son of man, JESUS CHRIST.

Let us be very careful what we utter out of our mouths for words are spirits dying to leave our tongue. Any loose utterance from the tongue and doomed we will be for the rest of our lives, for this tongue that tasteth salt is the same that tasteth pepper!