Interview With Ruth Adjei on Her Upcoming Single Release “ALLRIGHT”

RUTH ADJEI is an extraordinary Ghanaian gospel artiste. Coming from a god-fearing family with excellent music love, she has gradually developed her music ministry with a contemporary style.

She will be launching her new single titled”ALLRIGHT” on the 30th of April, 2018.

In an interview with her, Ruth enlightens us on the following:

Question: What inspired you to write this song “Allright”?

Answer: I was listening to something one day and I realized that people end up running to so many places for help. And they end up giving their lives in return, because, of course, they would put you through torture. And at the long round you end up giving your life. But there is only one person who can give us everything we want for free. James 1:17, makes it clear that If we would not be hearers only but doers of the word of God, then everything would be ALLRIGHT.

Question: How long have you been pursuing your music career?

Answer: By the grace of God i began backing people in the studios and on stages…until the Lord blessed me with songs i had to record and launched in 2014. But for years, i did BVs for prominent gospel ministrels. So professionally since 2014.

I don’t sit to write most of my songs because they coming naturally from God. So i could be in the studio and start to sing a new song during a time of prayer and worship. This was how I started my music ministry and later hosted an annual event dubbed “Liquid Prayers”. It was actually an album launch where i was ordained. It later became an event, so this year, God willing it will be coming on hopefully in September.

Question: What is your personal expectations for this song?

Answer: This song is to impact everybody in general, by the things we say in our songs. People who don’t know God listening to the songs alone can transform them to come to the realization that there is one man (God) somewhere who is willing to offer everything. So we just have to turn our eyes to Him and abide by His word for our lives.

Question: Tell us a little about your background?

Answer: At a point I travelled to Liberia, but my daddy is a reverend minister. He established a church in Liberia, so at a point, I was there. I schooled there for some time and came back to Ghana, back to my route, you know.

Question: So it means, you started singing way back in Liberia?

Answer: Yes, “ye wu yen naa” meaning (As soon as we were born).

Question: Was it because of your father being a pastor?

Answer: Not necessarily, but my daddy sings and my mum sings. My brother “Ben Adjei”- Coral Music Performer took Choral Music, I took the Contemporary Music and one of my brothers’ in the States is doing more of Gospel Hip-Hop. Everybody is doing their own genre of music but it is all Gospel.

Question: So your siblings are 3?

Answer: No, we are 8 from the same mother and father. We are 3 girls and 5 strong boys. I’m the 6th born and last girl.

Question: Any comments for your fans on Social Media?

Answer: People should just look out for “Liquid Prayers 2018”.

Question: Is the poster out?

Answer: No, it’s not out yet, but would publish it when its ready.

“ALLRIGHT” will be available online from 30th April, 2018 on iTunes, Google Play. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and SoundCloud.

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