Is anyone else more important than yourself?

Having regard for oneself above others’ well-being, is how the modern dictionary defines selfishness. It is the direct opposite of being altruistic.

Many of us are schooled and trained to put our family and friends first, which has got the lot pointing fingers at people who are naturally egotists. But you see, being selfish is good to some level.

The tendency for an individual to be an egoist, is to prove to him, her, or itself that he, she or it is superior. A feeling or belief that is intrinsic.

That lesson needs to be rewritten. Your friends and family are important. Yes! But you are just as important. How can you even think of someone else when you are a mess?

Putting yourself first isn’t being selfish (assuming you don’t walk all over other people to do it.) To advance in your life, you need to be a little bit — or a lot bit — selfish and the gurus of today’s top entities would attest to that.

Think of it this way; “One blind man gets the chance to get treated. He doesn’t go looking for his blind friend but decides to get treated alone firsthand. After the treatment is done and he’s fully cured, he goes looking for his friend which is way easier now that he can see.”

Would you say he’s selfish?

You deserve to be happy just as everyone else and your needs are as important as anyone else’s. Who else is going to think of your needs for you if you are leaving it behind to do others’ first?

This piece is My opinion.