Is Being A Gospel Artiste A Profession Or A Ministry

Music is not a profession, it is a ministry. Woe unto the singers who have suddenly become stars and can’t even wait for a service to close or sit down to listen to the word of God.

If you can’t be ministered to, you are disqualified from ministering. Worshippers must learn to stay in God’s presence. If all you know how to do is to entertain a congregation and shout at instrumentalists to give you a better key, then you have a long way to go.

A time is coming that silky voices will not move God’s people again. The church will demand to see a move of God in the music ministry. Build yourself up. I have been to meetings where singers stay outside the auditorium. Talk whiles prayer is ongoing. And they stay outside until is time for them to sing. I call them the jokers of our generation.

Pursue God’s word in the spirit of prayer. Be more concern with what is happening at where you are invited to than even what you are going to deliver. Go to meetings on time and don’t be in a haste to leave. It shouldn’t be about the money, it must be the content in that service. Be blessed before you leave where ever you minister great worshipper. You are a minister of God not a honorarium or fame seeker.

Your spiritual gain must be your focus. Don’t be misled by the system. Don’t reject your honorarium and don’t also be tempted to think singing is the reason why you are in a particular service. You are there to also be ministered to…Stay blessed.