Yes! It’s a new day!
A new dawn! A new chapter! A new page!
A new season! A brand new opportunity!
It’s a new day!
The sun has put the moon to sleep
From the darkness, light has been called.
Though sorrow was endured during the night, joy is here!
Sighs have surrendered to smiles
Drowsy eyes and worn-out looks have been refreshed
The sun is brightly shining
Mourning is giving way to dancing
Tests are paving way for promotion.
Nature’s come alive
Creation is awake
It’s a new day!

Don’t just make this another statistic;
Make it count!
Since it’s a new day,
It’s also a moment closer to our Maker!
So let’s make Him proud
With our life this day.
Do something different today
To see new results this day
And every new day.
It’s a new day!

A new product is here.
So be that product!
New performance, better experience.
Let’s check with our source
To download the new update
From our Manufacturer
To effectively run today’s program
Shielding us from any new viruses.
Like Apostle Paul, you’ve got to brush the past aside,
Putting it behind you,
Pressing on, paying the price for the prize ahead.
Like Usain Bolt, you’ve got to run faster to His goal
Set for you in this new day.

Next time it’s evening,
Remember a new day is here because
Evening and morning were the first day.
My dear, turn the worry into worship
The trouble into rubble
The pain into gain
The history into a story
Change the sackcloth and wear a robe
Loose the rope and see the hope
God hasn’t given up on you!
You see sometimes God allows us to go through the storms
Not because He is forsaking, sinking or drowning us
But to teach us to be better sailors.
Whenever life’s waves seem to be crushing you,
You’ve got to understand that the same God who allowed the storm to come
Has got the power to calm it.

So stop talking about the storm and speak to it.
Let the storm know
You trust in my Jesus who can calm it
And that you ain’t giving up
For this is your day!
Ghana! Africa! I can hear the caged bird singing!
It’s a new day!
Be new!

Written by: Emmanuel Boakye-Yiadom