Yesterday I went into the ladies room in a big supermarket. There was a woman there cleaning. I greeted her and asked her how she was, she responded although initially looking at me with visible surprise.

We got into a brief conversation about this and that and as I left she said “you made me feel special today, you are the first person who has come in here and bothered to speak to me. Most people just ignore me”. Her words touched me, I smiled, blessed her and went about my day.

That evening as I came to prayer time I was assailed with guilt about the things I hadn’t accomplished that day. I had a list of things I meant to do, some for my growing ministry and hadn’t managed all, yet even as I prayed the Lord reminded me of the words of the cleaning woman with the scripture “whatever you do to the least of my brethren that you do unto me”. I realized that as Followers of Christ in the midst of the big things we worry about it is easy to lose track of the ‘little important things’.
Jesus never walked past the suffering, the sick. He fed 5000 with the smallest meal. He took time to speak to the shortest man who had climbed up a tree. He gave his love freely to all.
If we are to reflect His glory and His love then it must also be about the little things we do to make the world a reflection of heaven. The love things…. It’s the kindness we show to the beggar on the street irrespective of how they got there, it’s the compassion for the neighbor who has fallen from grace, it’s the acceptance for the prostitutes condemned by the world, it’s the sick and the hungry and sometimes it’s just a cleaning woman/man in a public toilet. I do not boast here, my greeting was a spontaneous thing but I would like to believe that it was the Holy Spirit in me, reaching out to His child who deserved to be made to feel special that day.

Who will you be ‘Jesus’ to today? Who will you share His love with whether you think they deserve it or not. There is only one entitled and pure enough to judge, His name is Jesus. For the rest of us who live only by His grace, we have no other commandment but the one we have been given….

“Love, even as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)
These are the little love things, water drops that together, across the world, make a mighty ocean of His amazing grace. Are you part of it yet?
Be blessed today and may you grow each day in His love reflecting the glory of your heavenly Father in all you do. Amen