Jesus Was Naturally Supernatural – Myles Munroe

Are You on “Someday Island”? by myles munroe
February 27
When God speaks to us, He usually speaks to our minds through our spirits. Many people are waiting for a burning bush or an angel. They miss God because they’re waiting in the wrong way. God doesn’t generally speak audibly—that’s not intimate enough. He speaks directly to our spirits. For example, you may say, “I think I should call and encourage Brother Smith.” That’s God, saying He wants you to encourage Brother Smith. How do you know? It’s when an idea keeps coming back to you. If you don’t make the call, two hours later the thought will return. You might dismiss it, only to learn that Brother Smith really needed encouragement. Yet you didn’t respond to God’s prompting because you wanted something more “profound.” You wanted a prophet to appear and say, “Thus saith the Lord: ‘Call Brother Smith.’”
Jesus was naturally supernatural. He would ask a man who was an invalid, “How long have you been sick?” “Thirty-eight years.” “Fine. Take up your bed and walk.” To a woman who was bent over, He would say, “Straighten up,” and she would straighten up. To another, He’d ask, “Are you blind?” “Yes.” He would touch the person’s eyes, and the person would see. The religious people said, “Wait a minute. You’re not being spiritual enough. You’re supposed to say, ‘Stand back, everybody. I’m getting ready to perform a miracle.’” Religious people prepare a long time when they attempt to do miracles. Christ just walked around, spoke, touched—and things happened. People criticized Jesus because they thought He was not spiritual enough, but He was spiritual long before they knew. As we have seen, He was spiritual in prayer for five hours so He could be natural for one minute.
Father, please show me how to walk in the supernatural in a way that is natural. Speak to my spirit, Lord, and give me ears to hear You. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Thought: God will speak to Your spirit; just turn your heart toward Him.
Reading: Numbers 15–16; Mark 6:1–29
-Daily power and Prayer Devotional