[JOKE] Reverend King Preaches Forgiveness!

The reverend King’s sermon was based on forgiveness. He urged the congregation not to harbour grudges against those who have offended them.

Reverend King asked everyone to stand. He then said ‘those of you who forgive and forget past grievances please be seated’. About half of those in the church sat. The preacher quoted Biblical verses and repeated his question to those still standing. At this point most sat down.

He pleaded further for them to follow the Christian way and one by one they sat down. Just one old lady remained standing; ‘Madam’ reverend King asked ‘why can’t you forgive your enemies?’

‘Because I have none’ she replied.

‘That is remarkable; at your age to have no enemies is wonderful. To what do you attribute this achievement?

She gave him her best smile and replied, ‘the bitches have all died!’

Courtesy: google.com