Keys for Men : Myles Munroe

Literature focusing on changes in men’s lives has indicated that the male is in a state of crisis and internal conflict. Without a clear idea of their identity, men are trying to cope with the collision of new societal expectations and traditional ideas of what a man should be.
What men really need to discover is their underlying purpose. A man’s position and actions must flow out of his purpose, not the other way around.
To discover the purpose of something, never ask the creation; ask the creator. We find our purpose only in the mind of our
God created everything with a purpose, and His purpose is the key to our fulfillment. The purpose of something determines its nature, design, and features. What God plans is intentional, meaningful, and guaranteed to succeed.
If males understand the purpose and responsibilities God has given them and the true design of their relationships with females, they can be free to fulfill their destinies and potentials. They can be the men they were created to be.
Men’s underlying purpose transcends culture and tradition. Knowledge of what it means to be a true man cannot be acquired by observing the confused culture around us.
Men must adopt an entirely new way of thinking. They need to think in terms of inherent purpose rather than roles. Roles have never been the true basis of a male’s identity and worth. Roles can be helpful or harmful, but ultimately they merely reflect culture and tradition.
If males are going to fulfill their purpose as men, husbands, and fathers, they must rediscover God’s plan for them. Otherwise, they will hurt those around them, even if it’s unintentional. Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.
God has given males a unique leadership influence. The male is the key to building strong, enduring social infrastructures, stable families, sane societies, and secure nations. As the man goes, so goes the family, the society, and the world.
What is a “real man”? Someone who knows the reality of who he is and lives in that reality. This knowledge starts with understanding the significance of being created purposefully by God.