Keys to Developing a Godly Character-Rev.Mrs Vivian Agyinasare

Many have role models today in all walks of life and follow a lot of them. Some follow because of admiration.But for us believers,Jesus has the highest standard of character. All men can fail but Jesus never fails.

Character is defined as a way someone thinks, feels and behaves .It is also someone’s personality. It is who we are when no one is watching us.

There is a difference between character and charisma. Some can pray all day it is a charisma, another can sing and things start manifesting too.

God is going to raise people who have character, a character that portrays Jesus Christ. Philippians 2:19-30

4 things every christian should strive for;

Many dwell on the statement;once saved forever saved-one thinks you can misbehave after being saved but that is not so.

1. Commitment – God needs people who put commitment before comfort.

2. Compassion-God is looking for people who care about others, Jesus is an example,he sees the sick and shows care to them and heal them. Help the less privileged,show compassion.

3.Patience- Lamentations 3:25,Isaiah 40:31; God is looking for people who can wait on him. Many changed churches because they could not wait for their blessings, others also get offended and immediately leave churches to another and another. Patience is weighty, patience counts James 1:1-4.

4.The love of God.

4 Things that prevents us from Godly character;

1. Anger or Hot temper

2.Jealousy-This destroyed the relationship between David and Saul.

3.Bitterness- Can come when you are offended or disappointed about others and allow it to germinate in their hearts;it can cause can cause several health issues Ulcer, Arthritis, cause liver problems, blood pressure.It can cut your life short.

Galatians 5:19-21 is the cure for all this,live peaceably with all men and have a free heart.

4.Unforgiving spirit.