Kingdomnomics-Did you know there are laws regarding the kingdom of God?

Here are some simple ways to identify the laws.

5 Laws you should know;Matthew 25:1-13

1.The law of equal opportunities- According to the scripture,the were
all virgins,they all had lamps, they had oil;evey member in the
kingdom of God will have access to opportunities and resources time,talent and treasure that are necessary for full expression of your calling assignments.

This is given to everyone without discrimination according to everyone’s ability- Matthew 25:15

Time plays a very important role in ones success in life and helps to sharpen or acquire your skills. time also determines the kind of treasure you would possess and influences how much we get out of the treasure;what ever stage you are in life determines your kind of treasure.

Talent this can be your skills ,abilities or natural gifts.

2.The law of differing- This law controls your reactions, attitudes and this with either this or that theory.Matthew 7:24-28

3.The law of Oiling effect-Matthew 25:4. they took extra oil in the scripture but know that it is not enough to have fire but you must have enough oil to keep the fire burning. Fire without enough oil will not take you far. your impact is highly dependent on the oil you have;just as friction,you can withstand or overcome because of the oil
you have. constant oiling is needed and this comes from the word of God and prayer.Oil is a lubricant or fuel.

4.Law of timing- Matthew 25:6 and Ecclesiastes 3:1 states that timing is naturally orchestrated and divinely appointed. It has seasons that favor a certain phenomena or events, occurrences but failure to
identify and appreciate them for what they are could bring your effectiveness.

5.Law of distinction- How we respond to life will show the kind of outcome that we will have. You cannot make a decision or choice and expect to have results like the wise who made the right decision or choice.