know the Effectiveness of the Word-Bishop Charles Agyinasare

The word of God is your weapon for defense and victory just as a sword. The word is likened to a sword in Hebrews 4:12,the word cuts for good and can destroy evil.

The word is also a shield, in Ephesians 6:16,Jesus overcame the devil by the word of the lord.

Always stand and refer the devil to the word of God;Psalm 119.

The word of God is effective,it is a hammer according to Jeremiah 23:29,Psalm 107.

The word has power to healing Luke 5 and Romans 1:16.

The word of God is fire (Jeremiah 23:29).

The word also has multiple powers in Jeremiah 1:9.

The word of God can build the order of God in our lives,it can bring peace,prosperity and all blessings therefore plant the word inside you.

Plant the purpose of God in your life according to Luke 6:48.