Knowing Why Is Necessary to Appreciate God

Always be happy, praise and worship God for your life, because your present conditions might be somebody’s prayer requests you won’t know. Besides, your challenges determine the level of your faith and maturity in Christ Jesus.

Sometimes you wonder why you experience unexpected and big challenges in your life but you must also know that such challenges are proportional to your level of faith and maturity in Christ Jesus. High level people do not face low level challenges. Example, the challenges and pressures presidents face are greater and stronger than citizens. You were created in God’s image, are you not more than a President? So you must expect big challenges and pressures.

Again, haven’t you notice that, it’s the tallest trees that suffer the most wind. In a war, whom do they target? Is it not the strongest soldier or army commander who has the biggest weapon?
In football, the opponent focus on tackling and marking the best player because the best player is a threat to score them.

In the way, the devil will attack you because he knows how powerful and threat you are, to his kingdom. Remember that whatever God allows you to go through today, He knows that you have the capacity to withstand it and come out stronger.

Challenges are like steps of a ladder, each time you overcome them you go up to the next level. I would rather face challenges as I go to a higher level than stay at a lower level without challenges.
First Corinthians 10:13……And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can’t bear, and He will never leave you alone in troubles. You are not alone because loneliness is someone without Christ Jesus or someone who walks without speaking to God.

Speak to God through prayers and you will see that, you are not alone in all situations or conditions. How can you be lonely whiles Christ is in you?

Know also that, Your current position is somebody’s future expectation. Your life now is somebody’s prayer request. Don’t let the devil point at you that somebody is doing better than you or somebody is ahead of you in anything. It is a strategy for ingratitude. Anything you celebrate multiplies, anything you despise diminishes.

Appreciation is the vehicle for acceleration. Gratitude is the lift to great altitude.

To see what God will do, you must acknowledge what God has done. Keep on celebrating, praising and worshipping God. Great Is Thy Faithfulness. You Are Not Alone And Can Never Be Alone. Christ In You Is The Hope Of Glory.