What Counsellor Lutterodt Said About Mothers And Women

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Controversial marriage counsellor George Lutterodt has advised women to live upright lives if the general negativity towards fathers is to be countered, since, in his view, the whoring attitude of some mothers cause men to adopt negative attitudes towards children produced in their marriage, especially when they suspect such children may not be theirs.
He made the remarks on the occasion of Father’s Day, which was observed on June 19, 2016, in response to a question of what could account for the low interest in the special day for fathers and the subdued publicity it continues to suffer relative to Mother’s Day.
Speaking on Accra News Sunday, Mr Lutterodt said the muted celebration of fathers compared to the loud adulation their feminine counterparts enjoy was understandable since the two sexes were not the same, given they had a different perspective on issues and had varied traditional roles in society.
But in his view, the bitterness by many towards fathers, which is given vent on Father’s Day, owing to many men shirking their responsibilities towards their children, could be addressed if women forgave such men and lived upright lives.
He explained that a lot of women led immoral lives, and were unrestrained in their sexual lives, managing several partners or getting involved in one-night stands, when they should be involved in stable relationships.
“If every woman would be decent and move away from an attitude of whoring and consenting to sex with any man anywhere, everyone would begin to show love to fathers. Fathers not being appreciated is mainly because of the wickedness and greed of some women. If fathers are trusted and listened to, the country would make the necessary progress because in any state where fathers are not given their due, that nation collapses,” he told Abena Korantemaa Agyapong.
Mr Lutterodt said women should learn to forgive such men, rather than brainwash their children with bitterness towards them.
He said it was normal for women, as primary caregivers, to win the love of their children. However, the counsellor advised that the women go the extra mile to sing the praise of their children’s fathers regarding their efforts to keep the home going, including the payment of bills and school fees. “When you get the chance, sing the praises of the father to the children,” he suggested. “Fathers are not supposed to be celebrated, they are supposed to be appreciated.”