Leadership And Accountability – Joseph Prince

leadership and accountability in marriage

When it comes to making important decisions, discuss them with your wife. Don’t just say, “I am the man. Submit! End of discussion!” Instead, give weight to her words. Listen to her opinions. At the end of it, if you still feel strongly that your decision is better, your wife is to submit to you.

But know this: Whatever the outcome, good or bad, whether it is your idea or hers, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders! You are ultimately accountable to your family. If a family fails or a marriage crumbles, even if the wife is involved, God puts the blame squarely on the man. Why?

Somewhere along the way, like Adam, the man has kept quiet and allowed evil to reign. He has allowed Satan to deceive his wife. Though it was Eve who sinned first, God did not say, “Through Eve’s sin, we were all made sinners.” Instead, He said that it was through Adam’s sin. (Romans 5:19)

So men, you are the head of the house, admiral of your submarine, captain of your platoon! As the leader, God holds you responsible. You cannot say, “I can’t help it. My wife is like that.” No, take responsibility and say, “I am going to love her and trust God to change her. And by the grace of God, I will change for the better too.”

When a company succeeds, who gets the credit? The chief executive officer (CEO), not the workers. You may think that it’s unfair. But when the company fails, who gets the blame? The CEO. So it’s not easy being a leader. I know this as I am also a leader in more ways than one.

Men, God has made you the leader in your families. He has given you the honor, so take charge and be responsible. But remember that He does not expect you to do it in your own strength. Rest in His Son and He will give you the power to steer your family through the storms of life!


-Secrets of Manly Leadership