LEADERSHIP SERIES- Who is a Mentor? (PART 2)

Since mentoring is more of an informal relationship, so a mentor can be a person with whom you can interact well. For such reasons, a mentor is someone from the friends, colleagues or individuals with whom you are comfortable talking to. ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another’. PROVERBS 27:17 

A mentor is mainly from the same industry. The mentor hosts pool of knowledge to share with you as well as an appetite for improving your self-being.

It is readily acknowledged but the relationship is usually unlabeled. Over the course of time, your relationship with your mentor may evolve or may settle at a point of respectful peers.

Traits of a Good Mentor:

So, if you consider someone to be your mentor then make sure he has these following traits.

  1. A mentor offers guided learning and is an expert in his field or industry.
  2. His work is mainly focused towards an eventual goal. Even you can limit the level of knowledge and interaction you want to share with your mentor.
  3. In most of the cases, your mentor will define limits for the work done.
  4. Your mentor must offer you ways and guidance to help you improve.
  5. Mentor plays a crucial role in developing and encouraging individuals. He must always offer encouragement and support so that you can enhance efficiency.
  6. Your mentor must be able to offer support to resolve official as well as personal issues that impact your performance.