Learning to Seek What Matters Most {Part 2}

I remember when God spoke to my heart that if I would seek Him as if I was desperate all the time, I wouldn’t find myself in desperate circumstances as often. The truth is, we really are desperate for God all the time, whether we realize it or not.

I’ve discovered that when you have God Himself, you have everything you will ever need. It’s all about learning to seek God’s face – who He is, His presence – and not just His hand, or what He can do for you.

So…what are you seeking?

The word seek means you crave, pursue or go after something with all of your might; you require something as a vital necessity in your life. The question is, what are you seeking? What do you believe is really vital to you? In other words, what do you think you absolutely have to have in life?

Most of us start our relationship with God when our lives are in a mess, and we come to Him because we recognize that He is the only one who can help us get out of it. When I got serious about my relationship with God and started studying His Word, I had so many issues – my life was a mess! And at times, I wondered if I would ever be able to work through them all.

I know what it’s like to hurt so badly you don’t think you can go on unless something changes. Sometimes all we think we can pray is, “God, if I don’t get a breakthrough in this area of my life, I don’t think I will make it!” But what we really need to pray is, “God, if I can’t have more of You, I don’t think I can go on. I’m hungry for more of You, and no matter what my circumstance is, I just need more of You!”