“Let Our Thoughts Be Of Our Lord” by M.S Lowndes

We need to continually rid ourselves
Of every lofty thought
And everything that sets itself up
Against Jesus Christ, our Lord

For if we don’t, we can’t move on
To where God wants us to be
And walk in Jesus’ love and grace
And to truly be set free

Satan comes and attacks our minds
To stop what God wants to do,
We shouldn’t listen to his constant lies,
For in him, there is no truth

Our thoughts should be on the things of God
That builds us up in our faith,
Singing His praises and worshipping Him
And upon His word, meditate

For this is how we can actively take
Every thought captive to Christ,
By filling our minds with the things of God
And to do what we know is right

Despite what the world around us says,
We need to guard our minds
And refuse to give in to its worldly ways,
Nor allow it the chance to bind

For Christ did come to set us free
From the way we lived before,
So we may always walk in that freedom
With our faith and trust in the Lord.