Excerpts From Liberation Celebration 2016

Liberation Celebration is an ever-growing, ever entertaining and ministering praise program organized annually by the Peace Praise Ministry for the Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church Nsawam as well as for the community. It usually takes place on the Holy Saturday of every Easter and this year was no different. The purpose is to rejoice in the liberty we have received from Christ’s death and resurrection, and in the hope of His second coming in Glory.
This year’s dubbed,  “Jesus is the answer” started at 6:30pm with some electrifying 30 minutes prayer followed by a 45 minutes resounding praise and adoration. As songs were been raised, the room was filled with worship and the congregation could not help but lift their hands in praise to the songs even as others prostrated in worship .
Liberation Celebration 2016
The Peace Praise Ministry sang songs about the blood of Jesus and His power.  Other minstrels and song ministrations were from C-Note, a singing group in the community. The show came to an end with music and choreography led by the Peace Praise Ministry.
Giving the closing remarks, the Senior Presbyter could not withold her testimony but exclaimed: “This year’s Liberation Celebration is One of a kind. There’s indeed liberty in this house because the Spirit of the Lord is right here”
Liberation Celebration 2016