Life-Changing Decision

A Lady we’ll call “Claire” is an Iranian Muslim.

“Claire” came to faith through a scripture and a friend.

This Is Her Story

“When I was reading the Bible, I couldn’t ask others to give an explanation about the passage that I’m reading, but then I went to university,” she said.

“During the studying at the university, I met an Armenian girl. I asked her so many questions concerning Christianity: How do they live? How do they worship? – Many things like that about the Christian life,” she explained.

“She answered my questions and that introduction caused me to make my own decision,” she said.

That decision changed her life.

“You know the faithful Christ brought me many blessings,” Claire continued. “I cannot describe faithful Jesus in some words. But things which I cannot say in some words have happened to me.”

“Whenever I’m praying and I’m lifting up my feelings in my heart to God, I do believe and I feel the hand of God touching my heart and shaking my heart,” she said.


God is doing wonders in the Arab world. Every believer has a responsibility to share the good news of Christ.

The Harvest is Ripe