Lighthouse Testimonies

At a very young age, I started sleeping with lots of girls. My urge for sex grew very strong that I also started to sleep with older women too.

After some time, I wanted more than just sex. So I visited a native doctor with a couple of friends. To help us make money from sleeping with older women.

Unfortunately, my desire wasn’t met because the money that was demanded to make the preparations was too much. I still tried other places till I later gave up.

During my search, I met a young lady who always invited me to church. I followed her with my intention to have sex with her, if she accepted one of my invites to come visit me at home.

After my first visit to the church service, I decided not to go anymore. Because the pastor’s preaching was too harsh for me. But I later went with the young lady due to my intentions.

Amazingly, I gradually felt convicted and realized that my womanizing lifestyle was not going to help me in anyway.

I surrendered my life to Christ after some weeks of visiting the church. I also stopped all forms of womanizing. Today, to the glory of God, I am an elder at the same church. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!

Insights from a song

Everyone goes through trying times, but remember joy comes in the morning.

Even when its hard, know that God will never give you something too strong for you to overcome.

Count it all Joy even when it seems so hard, know that hard times will definitely be over. So look forward to the end for God will never give up on you.Amen.