“Limitless Love” by Robert Hedrick

God has a limitless supply of love that He is willing to share,

This love is always available to all those who are in His care.

He is willing to bless any who are willing to join in His cause,

For after we’ve been saved, He will use us, despite our flaws.


Now then, God’s love never fails, of this we can be very sure,

Unlike what we see from man, this love for all eternity, is pure.

Then too, His love does not stop when a mistake has been made,

He is always waiting for our return, whenever we have strayed.


As the world tries to close it’s door on us, God love is near,

When no one will listen to our problems, God bends His ear.

Then He sent His love down to us in the form of His Only Son,

So that all could gather into heaven when this life here is done.


I know for sure that God’s love is real, for you see I’m a receiver,

Satisfied that for anyone who receives it, will truly be a believer.

Then whenever I call on Him, I am assured that He hears my prayer,

When He gives me an answer, then for sure, I know His love is there.