Little Known Ways to Develop a Willing Heart.

2nd Chronicles 16:9 the eyes of the Lord looks through the world seeking to strengthen his children.

Because of problems, many have a faint heart but it is not supposed to be so.

Many things fight against us but if you allow God he will strengthen you.

If you give your mind to certain words they end up ruling your life.

With a perfect heart you can take a stand to do so many things.

If you received a word from God and you do not stand fast in it,it cannot be fulfilled there are things that happen in between the period of fulfillment.

A perfect heart does not do you approach circumstances,do you see it as a problem or as a nurturing stage?

If we say someone has a perfect heart then the person is determined to do what is expected from him. your greatness depends on how you have decided to work.

Those who are near you can derail your course if you are not careful the words and advice they might give you cannot help you. Example: Elisha wanted a double portion of Elijah’s anointing and Elijah wanted to dissuade him but Elisha was willing to get what he wanted.

Traits of a perfect heart-;

1.It is willing to listen.

2. It has a servitude heart or a heart of a servant but not to think yourself a servant.

3.It is compassionate .

4. It is circumcised- A circumcised heart that does not know any sin. a perfect heart is loyal,he is she does what is to be done with all their heart.

Ruth had a heart to follow Naomi as mentioned in the Bible. 2nd Samuel 23:13-18.