Little known ways to success and failure

There are consequences for everything we do in our daily activities.

Consequences for your actions and also, your in actions. Sitting idle doesn’t make you safe, because in times ahead, you will come to a realization that an action you didn’t take but someone took has changed their lives for the better, while you have still remained same if not bitter or worst of.

We tend to fear failure so much that we lose sight of the silver lining, that failure is indeed a stepping-stone to success rather than an obstacle to glory.

The glory doesn’t lie in never falling, rather the glory lies in rising through the falling.

That is why when we are watching Hollywood movies (american film), the protagonist (blowman) gets the loudest cheer from us when he walks out of a predicament in which everyone thought he had been deceased.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate or incapable, our deepest fear is that powerful beyond measure and control.

It is our light that frightens us, not our darkness. We ask ourselves, who am I to be handsome/beautiful, smart, brilliant, strong, talented and intelligent. Actually, who am I to be?

Be conversant with success as well as failure. Mix them up and stir them carefully for with a little of each ingredient, a perfect meal for success is prepared.