Live FM’s Jeremie Reveals She’s Been Healed Of Cancer!

And she is back like she never left!!!

About some months ago, Live FM presenter Jeremie was out of post. She took “time off to get well.” During the break, she asked her…

She joined Jay Foley some months later to co-host the Live Breakfast Club to great excitement by listeners. She fitted right into her role like she never took a break.

She said, “I’m back. I never thought my year 2016 was going to see me all the way in Germany on a sick break away from work this long. I guess that’s why they say, “If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

She continued, “When I heard “Thyroid CANCER”, I lost hope; especially because it was my throat. That was my career hanging on the line. But God used my toughest challenge to bring me my biggest Testimony ever. And I can’t wait to tell it all..”

We give God all the glory!

Source: Graphic Showbiz