Be United, Not Divided

love poems
Why, O Lord, is there much division
Within the body of Christ?
For we have become sisters and brothers,
So why is there so much strife?
It seems to me there’s much debating,
Arguing to and fro,
The Bible implores us to be united
And the love of God to show
But more than often we fight each other
When we feel that we are right,
Arguing and debating biblical truth
Does nothing to honour Christ
Though at times we need to correct error,
We do so in the spirit of love
Refuse to give in to an unholy battle,
Remember Christ’s spilled blood
For Jesus gave His life for us,
Uniting us by His grace,
So we should put aside our weapons,
For to Him, they are a disgrace
The only weapons we must be armed with
Are the weapons of the Lord
And the only real enemy that we have
Is Satan and his hoards
We must gird ourselves with God’s compassion
And see others as He does
If we would only pray for each other,
There’ll only be room for God’s love.
© By M.S.Lowndes