Loyal People

READ: Genesis 37:1-4

…Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully…

Numbers 14:24

Wrongdoers abound in every sphere of life. They steal, cheat, under-invoice and overinvoice. The list is endless. Loyal people expose wrongdoers to the leadership.

One loyal person will keep an eye on all these people. Such a person is worth a lot to the manager.

A truly loyal person does not mind what people think about him. He will expose every crooked activity to his superior because he is genuinely loyal to him. Loyalty is a sign of good character. However, a loyal person will sometimes incur the displeasure and hatred of the people he exposes. Remember the example of Joseph.

Joseph was loyal to his father. He did not care what his brothers thought about him and constantly reported their evil deeds to their father, Jacob. The price of loyalty was the hatred of his brothers. Loyalty also had its rewards. Jacob developed a special affinity and love for Joseph in particular.

Unfortunately, many managing directors, leaders, presidents and pastors do not know the value of a loyal person and therefore do not reward that loyal person for his loyalty. They treat loyal people as ordinary people.

By studying this story you will see how the loyalty of Joseph and the disloyalty of his brothers led to Jacob’s special love for Joseph. I believe in placing value on loyalty . What do you do for people who are loyal to you?

Start your day with a blessing!!

By Dag Heward-Mills