Don’t Forget Your First Love

Why do we find our thoughts
Forever wandering off
And find we seldom ever think
Of things pertaining to God?
It seems so awfully hard
To keep Him on our minds
When we’re caught up in ourselves
And spending all our time
In pursuing our own interests
And trying to get ahead,
Getting the latest and greatest
While our spirits go unfed
And slowly we are dying
While our flesh just has the lot,
Unbridled, we indulge in more,
Disregarding what it costs
But O my friend, it cost a lot,
The death of Jesus Christ
So don’t forget your first love,
But give Him back your life
For nothing else is that important
To take us away from Him
Nothing else can be compared
To forgiveness from our sin
No matter what the world may offer,
Tempting as it may be,
God satisfies our hungry souls
With what we really need
So maybe we don’t need so much
To feel content inside,
For when we return to our first love,
We’ll be filled with Jesus Christ.
 By M.S.Lowndes