Majid Michel: “I was 13years when I started speaking in Tongues”!

Popular Ghanaian actor Majid Michel, known as Majid who is now a pastor in one of the charismatic churches has revealed that he encountered God in his early age and not now.

Majid Michel, who is now known as a messenger of God rather than an actor was invited to one of the Christian worship events “Grace Period” which is organised by Psalm-one, a Ghanaian gospel reggae and a Rapp artists in one of the Action Chapels International at Airport Hills.

After he was Prophesied to by Pastor Isaiah that “ God is going to use him to continue the work of Jesus on earth and through that He would do greater things that eyes haven’t seen nor ear have heard,” He was on fire for the Lord.

In his session of performance, he educated the youth on how they can overcome the deceitfulness of the flesh and adhere to the Spirit in them to overcome the worldly pleasures.

In the process of his teachings he revealed to the youth that, “I was 13years when I started speaking in tongues. I knew God at my early age because I was brought up in a Christian home. I believed in God and the Holy Spirit and He gave me the gift of speaking in tongues” He said.

In an interview with, the famous actor now turn preacher noted that, “He move and talk in the Spirit and the Spirit of God makes the impact.

Gospelcrusader’s Benedicta Be-Kwao enquired how he combines ministry and acting, in his response, he mentioned that

“I don’t combine ministry with acting but acting is my ministry that is where I pray and operate. Acting is my mission field so I don’t separate the two but rather combine them to fulfil my calling” He said.

He also added that, your talent does not promote you but who you are is what takes you higher in life. Know the sin that keeps you down and kill it before it takes dominion over your Godly gift.

Finally, he petitioned the youth to give their life to God because in their youthful age they can do much for Him and also made an alter call to win souls for Christ.

Written By Benie Be-Kwao