Majid Michel, Ps.Isaiah and Timothy Bentum headlines the Psalm-One Worship Concert

It was a great worship concert, full of life transformation, changing of destiny and bringing life and hope to the hopeless with excitement to the youth at the Action Chapel International, Airport hills.

The worship concert was organised by Psalm-one and friends with the theme, “Grace Period” (the undeserved and unmerited favour).

The aim was to bring the youth together in every academical breaks to worship and have a moral tutorials to educate and to build up their faith in God concerning their field of ministration.

Ministers present at the event were, Pastor Isaiah, Majid Michel, Timothy Bentum, Bishop Sammy Opare and other upcoming gospel artist like Nazareth and many more.

During Ps. Isaiah ministration, he prophesied to Ghanaian actor Majid Michel saying, “God is going to use him to continue the work of Jesus on earth. He would do greater things that eyes haven’t seen nor ear have heard”. He also said to Timothy Bentum that, God would make him a great influential that all those in the other world will come to him voluntarily and he would help them drown close to God.

His final words was; his life is irrelevant without Christ and also send a message to the youth out there that, “They are not too young to serve the Lord because in their youthful age, they have more strength and grace to do the work of God so they should accept Christ and repent from their sinful ways”

The host, Psalm-one mounted the stage with gospel reggae and Rap in an entertainment manner to deliver the message of chastity, charity and decency.

When it was the moment for Majid Michel on the mic, he taught the word of God as he advised the youth not to hide the gift of God in their life.

He encouraged them to make useful of their Godly gift and unearth the talent in them to help propagate the gospel and win more souls into Christ.

He admonished them saying that “the will of God is upon your life but it’s in your choice on what you use it for or how you use.”

Adding that, “You don’t need money to make your dream come true and don’t charge people for your gift, give it free and the world would appreciate you. Your talent does not promote you but who you are is what takes you higher in life. Know the sin that keeps you down and kill it because believe and see it.” The famous actor ministered to the youth.

Pastor Timothy continued from where he ended with anointing and delivering session.

However, many were disappointed in the absence of Ghanaian-Nigerian actor Pascal Amanfo one of the main invited guest.

In an interview with, the congregants mainly the youth expressed excitement to have had encounter with this men.

According to them, “they never expected actors to be that spiritual due to their field of professionalism but their perception failed them. It amaze them seeing the actors being used by God to bless their life.” they told Gospelcrusader’s Benedicta Be-Kwao.

Written by Benie Be-Kwao