What Are The Hallmarks Of A Marriage Rooted In Christ?

There are various kinds of hallmarks. In the UK, hallmarks are stamps used to indicate the purity and origin of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.
The term “hallmark” is also used to describe a certain trait, ability or characteristic unique to a certain item or person. In other words, a hallmark sets something apart from another.
Marriages also have hallmarks of their own. One that is built on Christ will have certain marks that distinguish it from other marriages. Here are some hallmarks of a marriage that is rooted in Christ.
1) Selflessness
Christ-centered marriages are characterised by husbands and wives serving one another. While most self-centered husbands will force their wives to submit to them in an ungracious way (see Ephesians 5:22, 24; Colossians 3:18) and self-centered wives will try to rule over their husbands (see Gen. 3:16), Christ-centered couples will do the opposite: husbands will love their wives as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25) and wives will submit to their husbands as unto the Lord (see 1 Peter 3:1-3).
Husbands who follow Christ will do their best to love their wives like they love themselves (Eph. 5:28), do their best to be gentle (Col. 3:19), and treat them with respect (1 Pet. 3:7).
Wives who follow Christ, on the other hand, submit to their husbands as unto the Lord, brings him good and not harm (Proverbs 31:12), and lives in such a way that she is a crown upon her husband’s head (Prov. 12:4; 31:13-31)
2) Faithfulness
Men and women who belong to a Christ-centered marriage are faithful to each other. These couples work hard at being faithful to one another despite the challenges that bombard them every day.
And while faithfulness may seem like such an obvious and underwhelming thing, there is so much heartache and pain that comes when faithfulness is broken and it’s good for us to keep that in mind. According to statistics presented by InfidelityFacts.com, about 41% of men and women from U.S. marriages admit to committing infidelity.
Men and women in Christ-centered marriages will do their best to avoid this from happening because God considers adultery or infidelity to be a grave offense (see Exodus 20:14, Deuteronomy 5:18).
3) Prayerfulness
Marriages rooted in Christ are characterised by a prayerful husband and wife. Both spouses understand that only God can enable them to truly love each other despite the differences in practically everything.
Paul admonishes married couples in 1 Corinthians 7:5, “Do not deprive each other [of marital duties] except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer.”
Aside from being faithful to each other emotionally and physically, Christ-centered couples will always make room for one another to pray and seek the Lord.
When husbands and wives in Christ-centered marriages want to do their best to follow the Lord’s will for their marriage, they won’t be able to do that if prayer is not a cornerstone of their relationship.