Megachurch Pastor Greg Laurie: Pursue Rest, Not Materialism, This Christmas

Pastor Greg Laurie of the California-based Harvest Christian Fellowship has called on Christians to focus on rest and reflection this Christmas season, rather than gift-giving and materialism.
Laurie, who serves as the head pastor for the Harvest megachurch in Riverside and Orange County, California, recently explained the true importance of the Christmas season in a blog post on his personal website.


Laurie encouraged Christians to turn to God this holiday season, stressing the importance of rest and meditation rather than frantically searching for the perfect gift for a loved one.Laurie also encouraged Christians to focus on the time and memories they share with loved ones, as well as seeking moments of contemplation to cure weary souls.

The megachurch pastor argues that the only way to achieve true rest and rejuvenation this holiday season is to turn to Jesus, pointing to several Bible verses that state that true peace will be found when one turns their hearts and minds to Him, such as Romans, chapter five and Matthew, chapter eleven.

“So Jesus was saying, ‘You that are exhausted, you that are weary, you that are burdened with weight, come to me, and I will give you rest. I will forgive you of the spiritual debt you have. I will put my righteousness into your account. I will break the chains off you, and I will give you free access into my presence,'” Laurie writes.

“Materialism would say, ‘Build it up, and you will find rest.’ Pleasure seekers would say, ‘Live it up, and you will find rest.’ Religion would say, ‘Keep it up, and you will find rest.’ But Jesus is saying, ‘Come to me, and you will find rest.’ Having been justified by faith, we have peace with God,” Laurie adds.

Other megachurch pastors have also been taking to social media to encourage Christians to remember the true reason for the season.