Mind Blowing Testimony in 2019

Dear Reverend,

I have been in negotiations with my former company for a pay out and its been quite difficult. They made an offer for three months which I refused and insisted for four months. They suddenly stopped communicating with me for a while.

During this month’s fast, I have been pushing a lot in the spirit for God’s mercy and help.
Miraculously, when I woke up this morning, I saw a bank alert on my phone. It was from this same company refusing to pay for my four months request. Instead of paying for my four months bargain, they had paid me an equivalent of 6 months with more to come.

This is thousands of Cedis which helps pay off all. my debts and gives a good capital to start a business all on my own. No bank loans or financial assistance needed.
I just want to thank and praise God for His divine intervention. Hallelujah!!

Yours is on the way…