Mouth Germs- How they get into our mouth.

Germs are all around us and get into contact with us in so many ways.

Did you know, the number of bacteria in your mouth is closest to the population of earth. Our mouths contain lots of bacteria. You not brushing, increases your chances of having more living there right now.

According to research, scientist have discovered more than 700 species of bacteria in a human’s mouth.

There are many ways these germs get into our mouth. Most point of contact to germs, especially for kids, are foods picked from the floor.

Even though bacteria can be transferred through saliva from the mouth. It does not spread gum diseases. Since gum diseases develop as a result of poor dental care. 

In dorder to remain safe for chronic mouth diseases, its best to always follow these 3 procedures daily;

  • Brush – Floss – Finish with an antiseptic mouthwash (keeps breath fresh, reduces plaque production and inflammation).
Flossing your tooth to remove food and stuffs stuck in your teeth.

You should never share personal stuffs like; tooth brushes with anyone. Since it increases your chances of getting an infection. Other stuffs that can also spread germs include; lipsticks, cups, musical instruments, etc.

In order to protect your personal stuffs like; toothbrushes, you must leave it in the open air. Instead of storing it in an enclosed container, which is moist for breeding bacteria. After rinsing your tooth brush with clean water, let it dry.

Try to get a new brush every 3 to 4 months or change it after recovering from an ailment.  

Even though bacteria are bad for your teeth and gums, some play a role in keeping your mouth healthy and in some cases, prevent tooth plaque (Causes tooth decay).

Amazing fact revealed is that over 500million bacteria can live in just a single tooth. Yes, it is very alarming.

For this reason, its necessary you always brush your teeth. A healthy teeth, promotes a healthy smile.