[Breaking News] Munich shooting: Manhunt For Shooters Started

munich shooting
Police in the German city of Munich say the perpetrators of a shooting attack are still on the run, and they advise people to avoid public places.

Police are not confirming earlier reports of several deaths.
A big security operation is under way at the Olympia shopping centre in the north-western Moosach district.
Shop workers have been unable to leave the building. There is no information about a possible motive for the attack.
The security forces have been on alert after a teenage migrant stabbed and injured five people on a train in Bavaria on Monday in an attack claimed by so-called Islamic State.
The authorities had warned of the danger of further incidents.
munich shooting

Police sources had earlier been quoted by German media as saying several people were killed, but the police have declined to confirm this officially.
A man working at a petrol station in Munich told the BBC: “We see just ambulances and it’s like firemen and police but all this area is evacuated, all the streets.
“Now [there] are no cars just on the side of the streets. All of the streets are blocked. I see that the people are scared. Everybody are running around.”

munich shooting

Public transport has been suspended as the extensive security operation continues. The city’s central railway station has been evacuated.
NTV reports that special forces are at the shopping centre.

munich shooting
Munich police said they did not know where “the perpetrators” were. “Look after yourselves and avoid public places”.
The police Facebook page quoted eyewitnesses as saying they had seen three attackers carrying guns.

munich shooting