Music Minister – Get Your Motive Right!

So I was invited for a programme recently. I got there at the time they gave me and took my seat. In no time, an usher walked to me and says, “Mum, please the ministrations haven’t started yet. This is JUST “Praise and Worship.” Would you like to wait in your car until it’s your turn?”


I was stunned. I thought, “Wait in the car for what? I came to worship God and to bless His people. Nothing more; nothing less!”


I smiled at her and said, “This is the time I was given and I am here. I have entered the house of God. I can’t go back and sit in the car.” I saw the shock on her face, but somehow she managed to smile saying, “Thanks mum. I will tell my leaders you are in.”


She turned to go, but immediately turned back and said to me, “You know, most of the people we invite here come late, and wait in their cars until it’s their turn to minister. I guess you are different.”


Really??? Do we want to celebrate our God or ourselves? It’s my prayer that every Music Minister will get their motives right. God must be your ultimate focus!!


By Vickie Amoah

vickie amoah