“My Story Magazine” is a new trendy publication that was launched on 24th February, 2018. It was made possible by CEO and publisher, Nana Akwasi Bonsu. The magazine would be published every quarter in each year with new information related to entrepreneurship and investments in African countries.

The magazine emphasizes on inspiring readers in Ghana and other African countries. By sharing stories of entrepreneurs and leaders making a difference in Africa and across its continent. This helps to impact and inspire individuals and organizations to follow their dreams and visions with a positive mindset towards success.

You also get to learn from some experiences they might have faced or are currently going through. Which can help you escape from dangerous practices or decisions as well as embracing productive ones, despite challenges that may come your way.

An online platform has been created to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to advertise their products and services. As well as networking to grow each other. A new app has also been developed to attract a wider range of business individuals. The amazing part is, you get to share your stories and experiences for free!

So it is an absolutely great opportunity for you to get involved with this growing brand that seeks to help, educate, motivate and push you to becoming the change you desire. With reference and respect to Prophet Bernard El Bernard Nelson Eshun as the inspiration behind the making of “My Story Magazine”. Grab a copy now!!!

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