Negative Effects Of Mobile Phone Use On Our Society, Health And Environment

Black man in Casco Antiguo - Panama City with shopping bags. The guy leans on a wall and types message with his phone on social network. Cropped view.

Mobile phone is one of the fastest and smartest technology in the world. The use of  it keeps  increasing day by day. Today mobile phone is one the major necessity of life. But in spite of all its benefits and plus points mobile phone use has very dangerous and destructive effects on our society. It has totally disturbed the structure and foundation of our society. The major and most destructive effects of mobile phone use on our society are given below,

1.  Mobile phone waste time and money; It’s totally wastage of time and money when is not being use productively.

2. It has a negative effects on students; Thus, it draws the attention of Students on playing games, listening music, watching videos and reading messages rather than academicals studies.

3. It also has a negative effects on teenagers; Teenagers’ boys and girls communicate each other through their mobile phones and do negative kind of activities. Our new generation is totally destroyed by this negative aspect of mobile phones.

4.  A communication tool for criminal purposes; People are using this fastest communication for terrorism and other kind of criminal activities like; Fraud, Stealing through mobile money, Robbery etc.

5. Mobile phone use has a negative effects on our health; The raditions emerged from these mobile phones cause many serious health issues. Mobile phones are greatly contaminated with different types of microorganisms especially bacteria which cause a lot of diseases.

By Research.