[News] 100,000’s of Evangelicals United Across a Continent!

Starting in April, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation of Evangelicals across the UK will be commemorated by launching a set of prayer and Bible study events.

This is dubbed, “17:21” which is taken from Jesus’ prayer in John 17:21: “May they all be one that the world might believe.”

The event will be held at Spring Harvest in Minehead, England and run at a number of evangelical gatherings. It will last until October. A range of Christian groups will be participating in the “17:21”

Steve Clifford, the General Director of the Evangelical Alliance said it’s a privilege to unite the diversity of the evangelical church in UK. “We trust 17:21 will cause there to be smiles in heaven and greater effectiveness in God’s mission here on earth.”

The Chair of the Event Planning Group at Spring Harvest, Malcolm Duncan, said “The 17:21 initiative calls all of us who stand under the shadow of the Cross to link arms in the great responsibility that God has given us – presenting a living Saviour to a dying world.”

He added, “I have been humbled and thrilled to declare that we are united by far more than what divides us be part of this call to the festivals, conventions and Bible weeks in the United Kingdom to declare that we are united by far more than what divides us. May God take us beyond structural and mechanistic unity and give us the boldness and courage to stand together for Christ.”