[News] Denkyira-Obuasi Now Known As “New Obuasi” Due To A Pastor’s Perseverance.

A pastor from Fountain Gate Chapel, Francis Yeji was plucked out of his comfort zone to go to Denkyira  Obuasi the most condemned spot of Ghanaian earth in recent time.

This man who works with the Ghana Health Service testifies to a vision he had days after the May 29 tragedy.

“In a vision, God showed me the town of Denkyira Obuasi (a place I had never been to) and asked me questions about the incident that happened there weeks ago. I could answer some of the questions but others I couldn’t answer.”

“The first question was whether I had heard of the evil act of murder and condemned it, which I answered in the affirmative. Several questions followed in the discourse. But importantly also, in the vision, God said He was merciful and loved the people of Denkyira Obuasi, including those who committed the gruesome killing of the innocent man.”

“God has always and would show the people mercy and heal the land if they seek His face in fasting and prayer (2Chronic 7:14).”

The experience was unsettling for him because God apparently is not just a story-teller but an assignment-giver who impressed on the public servant to go there.

“I spoke to a few pastors/reverend ministers about the vision and asked them to accompany me but none wanted to hear the name Denkyira-Obuasi”.

“They didn’t think this was the plan of God, and that even if God actually spoke, it couldn’t be immediately, at a time the security agencies were still arresting suspects in the case”.

“Some suggested prayer to be made for the people from Accra or other places, and then go to the town much later ( in about 4-5 months’ time) but not to go there any time soon” He said.

Pastor Francis narrated their arrival by saying “We arrived in Denkyira Obuasi at about 5:30pm not knowing who to talk to. But eventually God brought the people we had to meet, and we delivered the message from God. They were moved to tears, warmly received the message. I first met with the leaders of the Presbyterian Church and the Roman Catholic Catchiest (who gave us a room in his house to stay)”

“The leaders of the two churches then relayed the message to the local council of churches, the Paramount Chief, leaders and people of the town. A date for fasting and prayer was agreed on immediately and communicated to me. Instead of a day they decided to embark on a three (3) day fasting and prayer. They met to pray twice daily.

The program was very successful, as about a thousand people (old and young), including the chief and elders, participated. On the last day, Saturday evening, I led the people in prayer of repentance; they were divided into five groups, and as we prayed, we walked within and around the town.

At the central meeting ground, the Paramount Chief led the people in prayer, asking for God’s mercy and to heal the land of evil. And, indeed, God heard their prayer, as one could see the people revitalized and energized by God and the life of the town returned.

The name of the town (New Obuasi) which has been shelved for long was announced and declared.

As fellow Ghanaians, this could have happened anywhere in Ghana, and similar incidents have actually been committed in several other places at different times. As the law deals with the culprits, let us support the call for a nationwide crusade against “Mob Injustice” through rigorous education, sensitization, advocacy etc.