[News] Jharkhand Christians Face Forced Conversion To Hinduism

Four Christian families in the Eastern Indian state of Jharkhand are facing tremendous pressure from the villagers to leave their Christian faith and ‘return’ to the Hindu faith.

The four families are the only Christians in the entire village of Ganaloya. They became Christians in 2010 and this week opposition in their village came to a head. In a village meeting they summoned the four families and demanded that they return to the Hindu faith.

“They have been given time till Thursday (27 April) to respond else they will be expelled from the village for life time,” said Sunil Kumar Mundu the Secretary of the Pentecostal Church of God in an interview with Global Christian News.

These families had converted from their (tribe) faith after each family had a history of prolonged illness at the verge of dying, before they had heard of the Christian faith and after they started to believe, they were completely healed.

“These families have taken a firm stand, of not returning back to their previous faith in spite of threats from the villagers,” added Mundu.