Nigerian Comedian, Julius the Genius now Julius the Evangelist After Surviving a Brain Tumor

Nigerian ace comedian and singer, Julius ‘The Genius’ Agwu,  survived brain tumor and memory loss.

The ‘Crack Ya Ribs’ creator recounted the traumatic experience that almost ended his life before his brain surgery some months ago.

He said:

“Jumping all the hurdles and challenges of life, so many of us don’t really know what is going on inside. Nobody carries signboard of ill-health. So, I never realized what was happening, I just noticed that at some point, I was loosing weight.
Initially, I was working out trying to look shapely, because as soon as you clock 40 you begin to take some of those things seriously. I just noticed the over-work, stress and everything.

In Nigeria, we really don’t rest, we hustle and hustle, we just keep working but oyinbo (white men) will work for vacation and settle, you know, rest. But our own, we hustle and even when we die, we’re still working as ancestors through consultations (Laughs).”

julius agwu in hospital

He said he had been very busy at that period shooting his new TV series, when he started to have strange headaches.

 “I just realized that once in a while, I would have headache, take the normal pain relievers and it will go down until I had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. That was the beginning of the story, when I eventually regained consciousness, I lost all my memory and I couldn’t walk properly.

julius agwu brain tumor

My wife and I had to go to Houston (USA), because we had to find out what was really happening to me. That was how through an MRI, it was discovered that I had tumours in my brain and an emergency surgery was advised. So, I thank God it went well and God has been perfecting my healing. From April till now, I’ve never really done anything as regards my career. I thank God. I am back and alive. God has been merciful, He gave me a second chance.”


The large tumor located at the back of his head was already like the size of a golf ball, full-grown and very big, according to the comedian.

The ace comedian and singer, Julius Agwu says he is now an evangelist, winning souls for Christ with his talents. He made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday night on the sideline of his valentine day show, in Abuja.

The show, titled “Life as I see it-the rebirth’’ was held at the prestigious five star hotel, Transcorp Hilton. Agwu said his decision to completely surrender to Christ to preach the gospels was informed by his survival of brain surgery. “I am now an evangelist who spread the message of the salvation of God to people, using my gift and platform as a comedian. God gave me a second chance, so I am telling people about His goodness. I am telling Nigerians that God is all they need to live a peaceful and fulfilled life, ‘’ he said.
Agwu said that the theme of his concert was a reflection of the brain turmoil ordeal he survived “by the mercies of God”.

“I didn’t know I had a tumor in my brain, until I had a seizure and ran out of breath, and then I was rushed abroad for an operation. I have seen people die from little ailments that were not as complicated as my case. I am now a new person, proclaiming the supremacy and care of God over the affairs of men,” he stressed.

He said he chose Abuja for the show in order to reach out to well meaning Nigerians, particularly the leaders, to embrace the message of positive change. “There is need for attitudinal rebirth for every Nigerian so that we can move forward, ‘’ he said.

Julius Agwu