No Natural Solutions Author: Kenneth Copeland

Most people have an idea that they’ll bring God in on the major problems in their lives, but they can handle the other things fine without Him. It’s kind of a personal version of the government’s “separation of Church and state” theory. If you want to know how well that theory works, take a look at how the government is doing. It can’t pay its bills, can’t control crime, can’t keep its citizens healthy…you know the story.
The fact is, natural power can’t keep things from going downhill. No matter how many natural choices you try, nothing works. Here’s the reason. What we call the “natural” world is really subnatural. It is far below what God originally created it to be. When God created the earth, things were perfect. There was a water canopy that covered it and filtered out ultraviolet light among other things. The atmospheric pressure was greater, the oxygen level was higher. People lived an average of 12 times longer (see Genesis 2:6, 7:10-11; 2 Peter 3:5-6; Genesis 5).
But the effect of sin on the earth eventually caused that canopy to explode and flood the earth. Noah and his family were the only ones who survived. The loss of that canopy dramatically damaged Earth’s atmosphere. Add to that damage the sin and destruction Satan has wrought and you’ll realize why you have a basic, fundamental need to choose the supernatural rather than the natural. It’s necessary to your well-being in every area of life!
You were born into an atmosphere that you weren’t created to live in. You face situations you weren’t created to handle. You constantly encounter problems to which there are no natural solutions. To have abundant life on this death-bound planet, you’ll have to live a SUPERnatural lifestyle by making SUPERnatural choices every day of your life! If you’ll do that, it won’t matter that this world is constantly bringing forth new kinds of danger and destruction, you can live on the Word of God in health, strength and victory for 120 years if you want (Genesis 6:3).
Instead of talking about getting old, you can talk the 103rd Psalm. Every morning when you get in the shower, you can get the rag in one hand, the soap in the other and start talking the Word. Stand under the water and say, “Praise God, He fills my mouth with good things so my youth is renewed like the eagle’s!”
Every time you do something like that, you’re making a supernatural choice. A choice to live by the Word instead of die like the world. Start now getting that Word into your heart. Start now letting the force of it and the anointing upon it direct your choices—big and small. Let God begin to lift you up to His way of thinking.
Then, when the storms of life come, you’ll know what to do. Instead of just grabbing a bucket and starting to bail, faith will rise up within you and you’ll say, “Look here, storm. Peace, be still.” It will work for you just like it would have worked for the disciples. After all, you have Jesus in your boat!
-A Matter of Choice